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First Donation

posted May 18, 2009, 4:47 PM by Dan McDaniel
A HUGE thanks to sheppardnik for supporting Caching Tree with a donation.  The following quotes are from the donation message (used with permission of course):

"Thanks for taking on this project - it's one I've dreamed of doing myself!
"You took it to the next level... good luck and cache on!"

"Geocachers are family so drop a donation and help your Uncle Dan!"

I must say, I agree!

Now sheppardnik has a special Green entry on the tree.  (Aren't you jealous?)  We'll all you have to to catch up is follow that sound advice and make a donation.  You may not think your contribution is very much, but it helps keep things running around here.  Even if you can't give financially, you can still help out by visiting a sponsor, buying a button, or even just spreading the word about Caching Tree to others (and encouraging them to make a donation, of course :)

That's about all for now.  Thank you all very much for your continued support and don't forget to keep on cachin'!