Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that may interest you:
  • I'm running Internet Explorer and I can't see the new pedigree charts, what's wrong?
    • Internet Explorer doesn't render the pages correctly.  Usually this means you get a blank page.  The old chart might work with IE, but you won't have hyperlinks to users profiles and special donor listings, or display the chart full screen.
    • Before giving up on browsing the tree with IE, you can try the follow:
      • Try accessing Google Docs from another browser.
      • Make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser. Instructions for enabling cookies can be found here.
      • Clear your cache and cookies, then try accessing your account again. Instructions for clearing your cache and cookies can be found here.

  • How can I fix an incorrect entry on the tree?
    • The easiest way to correct a bad listing is to submit a new one.  Caching Tree will automatically replace the old record with the new one.

  • How can I remove my information from your website?
    • You can request to have the information you entered on the website removed by sending us a message.  We hate to see you go, but we respect your privacy and your wishes.  Please note that because the content on this site is user created, an entry for your username may still appear as the parent of users who credit you with getting them started.  If you would prefer that we not provide a link to your profile, we can arrange for that link to be removed from your entry on the tree.

  • How does Caching Tree use the information I have submitted?
    • Caching Tree will never sell your information or use it for commercial purposes.  We reserve the right to post the information you have provided on our own web pages, include it in materials we publish, use it to contact the person you have credited for notification and verification purposes, and contact you should the need arise.  You may reuse your own information as you see fit, but please respect the rights of others.